Theme 4

Theme 4: Interaction between EU-national administrations in times of crisis

Theme co-ordinators: CARR, LSE; University of Catania

Theme 4 explores EU’s crisis leadership capacity with two major sub-projects: first with a focus on interdependence and multi-level governance and; second, will also highlight differences in EU’s capacity in dealing with immigration crisis cross-institutional level.
The aim is to explore the crisis leadership capacity of the European Union in its interaction with member states. It aims to

  • Assess the crisis leadership capacity of the European Union in four policy areas
  • Analyze the interdependence between levels of government in identifying and managing potential crises
  • Advance the understanding of how the overall crisis leadership capacity of the EU can be enhanced across different policy sectors in the context of a multi-level system.

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Theme 4.1 Political Leadership and Crisis Management Regimes

Theme 4.2 Managing the Immigration Crisis

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